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Anonymous asked:
The whole thing about being ugly and becoming a model. Is this indirectly an attempt for your followers to see you as a model? Sorry it's not happening ever

Dude chill… I don’t want to be a model and i too know that that opportunity for me to become one will not rise. I was speaking my own peace of mind and sorry that i out-smarted you and you don’t have a better comeback that you resort to insulting on how i look :/

Anonymous asked:
lol about the molly comments and about acceptance in the fashion industry. the fashion industry isnt accepting stop pretending. if it was there would be diversity and not just tall skinny white girls

That’s a whole different issue. I was talking about girls who are defined as ‘ugly’ in our society who get bullied by peers throughout their whole life but in the fashion industry they can be accepted for their flaws and differences and are perceived as women / girls with beauty. I’m sure that will definitely make those girls, who have been tormented for their whole life, a whole lot better and give raise to their confidence and self esteem. I too agree that in the industry racism exists which is ridiculous as you’d think that would have been a long abolished problem since it is 2014, yet it stills exists, not just in the industry, but everywhere. 

causesometimeslifefucksyouover asked:
Idk who Molly is or what you guys are talking about but to the person who called Molly ugly, people kill themselves over comments like that and I'm sick of it. If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. Molly mightn't be the stereotypical definition of beautiful, but I'm sure Molly is attractive in their own unique way. Be kind and love one another

God bless you, you are a kind wonderful soul

Anonymous asked:
which Molly was that anon talking about??

Molly Bair

Anonymous asked:
Do you really like how molly ... (I can't remember her last name) looks??? She is ugly as fuck, she always has that annoyed look in her face and she looks like Joffrey from game of thrones

I’m glad she’s a model and how far she’s come, so that she can prove to people like you who can’t accept her flaws and differences that make her own self beautiful that she can be accepted in a different part of our society. The fashion industry isn’t just for common / generic beauty, if you fail to realize that then why give judgement and rude comments to unique looking girls who have probably been picked on for the rest of their lives? This is a chance and opportunity for them to express who they truly are.

Anonymous asked:
That isn't the model hahha lol