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Be the Sasha Luss to my Marine Deleeuw
appetites asked:
what did you think about kendall opening the chanel couture show?

I don’t

ehxaleuh asked:
do you recommend the alexander wang rockie or rocco (or neither?)

I personally wouldn’t buy the Rocco because it’s huge and so painful to carry - especially if you want to use it for travelling or let alone just going out for the whole day. The studs on both bags make the bags extremely heavy. But out of the two bags i would recommend the Rockie, i think it’s the perfect size (since i don’t carry much) and easy to pair with. But if you carry heaps of things then i’d recommend the Rocco but it’s really heavy. Or that could just be me since i’m the weakest thing to exist. X


Rowena Xi Kang for Rena Hang A/W 2014 Collection Lookbook
rawkissR A W K I S S

Céline Special for Vogue China, photographed by Kira Bunse
hollydaintyHOLLY DAINTY