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Anonymous asked:
hahaha no he was in the soccer team and it was for fun! would you talk to me if i came off anon? i'm a guy by the way!

Hahahah talk to me please !!!!!!! I would love to talk to all of you. But seriously, that’s crazy, he’s everything *_*

Anonymous asked:
fun fact adrien sahores went to my school and i sat on his lap once 😛 you jealous

Did u suck his dick tho

Abbey Lee Kershaw at Hugo Boss ss15

Yumi @ Marchesa ss15
Wish I could afford those shoes
rachelsfabulousclosetRachel's Fabulous Closet
Anonymous asked:
don't forget abbey Lee lara and lily Donaldson

And Snejana too

Anonymous asked:
what are your thoughts on molly bair/blair? she looks unique and really good to me? gah whats with the hate im confused

She has a very intense look that’s out of this world (literally) to the point where you either love it or hate it. Not sure where I stand at this point of time though

Anonymous asked:
Can you explain to us non fashionista's what is happening with daphne groeneveld and that other chick returning. Like returning from where? Who are they? Sorry for the ignorance

By other chick I’m presuming you mean Gemma Ward… So….
Gemma took a break from modeling when she was at her prime, thus everyone was pretty shocked where she vanished / disappeared to. As for daphne she, too, took a break and only came back this season. The difference between the two is that Gemma has been around much longer than Daphne has / made a bigger impact on the fashion industry than Daphne.