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Be the Sasha Luss to my Marine Deleeuw

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Anonymous asked:
hey nicole! just wondering what it was like in the mosh at the 1975? i'm going in january and i'm sooooo excited but don't know what to expect??!!

I’m not too sure about where you live etc but from my experience, the crowd is insane and some people can be very nasty / shameless! As expected, it will be very squeeze-y / uncomfortable / sweaty / rubbing into other people’s sweat or grease (yuck) / claustrophobic. If you’re some what shorter than most people, you’ll be blocked by literally every single person - unless you’re lucky and a) are all the way in front or b) get an even shorter person in front of you. People will push and do the craziest things to get to the front so you have to be ready for that, and make sure you don’t let them push their way in front! Being the tall person in the crowd does not have it’s perks, either. People will say things like “Geez you’re so tall don’t be so inconsiderate and stand all the way in front” etc etc but i mean… who doesn’t want to be at the front at a concert (and get direct face2face views with Matty Healy… I mean… C’mon… Look at him), right?! Besides the point, when you get really hyped in to the gig and have 2 metres long arms, you will find your arms (accidentally, of course) in the midst of other people’s faces + hair……. Also, hydrate yourself throughout the whole day because you may think “Nah man i got this” but a lot of people think that too and pass out during the concert (HAPPENED TO ME AT THE JONAS BROTHERS CONCERT CIRCA 2012… NEVER AGAIN), and you pretty much waste your whole night. Drink heaps because it will get EXTREMELY HOT AND SWEATY AND DISGUSTING. If you need to bring a bag, bring one that you don’t mind getting dirtied / destroyed. WEAR SHOES. You definitely do not want your toes to get trampled. DON’T WEAR HEELS / SANDALS, I DEFINITELY DON’T RECOMMEND THIS AT ALL. As for The 1975, just expect everything you would want it to be. All kinds of amazing-ness. They give tons of good vibes and make the atmosphere a better one. You will probably die from post-concert depression because of fucking MATTY HEALY… i’m still… Not over it……… And i wasn’t even that hardcore of a fan prior to the concert and now i’m hooked. 

Have the best time and i hope this helps some what! 

Anonymous asked:
Nicole (I know you didn't listen to them) but don't listen to that jealous asshole (haha) you are SO BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED and they are obviously a sad little bitch who needs to seriously think about what their life has come to in order to send someone anon hate for no reason. I honestly feel sorry for them for being so sad, jealous and they probably have very low self esteem. Go eat some ice cream and take a nap poor anonymous person! Love u nicole! Ur great xx

EEEEEE you’re so cute, thank you so much i love you a lot. 

Anonymous asked:
Wow not only was that anon incredibly rude but a bit racist as well, what does your ethnicity have to do with anything?! What a horrible person, I'm happy you're rising above it and brushing it off but I haven't a clue what they're talking about, you're gorgeous inside and out!

Thank you, millions of kisses being sent your way. <3

jamielyk asked:
I get so jealous when you receive hate message. It's like they're so jealous of you and the most they can try do is ruin your day.

Hahah you have nothing to be jealous of at all! Hate messages, frankly, make me laugh and nothing more besides that. Thank you for your support really, i’m very thankful for it. <3